• What is the FNC.TV?

The FNC.TV is an official streaming platform of the Fight Nation Championship organization.


  • How to register to the FNC.TV?

To register to the FNC.TV you can use your Facebook, Google account or fill out the form on our website.


  • Is TV available on any device?

You can watch the FNC.TV on any PCs, laptops, tablet and smartphone connected to the Internet.


  • Is the FNC.TV available in any country?

Yes, the service is available and can be watched on any location.


  • What is the difference between the “Log in” and “Register” option to the FNC.TV?

If you use our platform for the first time, you will have to register first and make a user account. Once you register, click on the “Log in” tab, and use your username and password to access the service.


  • If I paid for the service using my PC/laptop, can I watch the FNC.TV on my smartphone?

Of course, it doesn’t matter which device you used once you paid for the service, the service will be available for you on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC), but you can watch the service only on 1 device at the time.


  • What if the payment I made is not processed?

If there are any issues with the payment, you will receive the e-mail about the unsuccessful payment transaction, and to update your credit card details.


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